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Tri Cities Logo

Premier Tri Cities logo design by iLocal in WA near 99301

Have you checked out your competitor’s logo? How does it compare to yours? Solidify your brand recognition.Contact the Tri-Cities logo designer today. You’ll get a complete selection of beautiful logos. You can have combination, duotone and icon logos. No two logos look the same. A new logo can bring more attention to your business.

At iLocal, Inc. we use a strict logo creation process. This allows us to create high quality logos. These are logos that last 20 years or longer. We make logos that increase brand recognition with your target audiences. Our team works with you to develop the logo you want. Logo pricing is easy on the wallet. You’ll have plenty of money left over. Contact us for more details.

  • Combination logos for noticeable business cards
  • Duotone logos to create black and white images
  • Icon logos for easy-to-understand logos
  • Complete selection of logo templates
  • Can bring more attention to your business
  • Marketing

Tri Cities Logo Designer


Would you like text combined with your logo? Look no further than a combination logo. We’ll design and complete stunning combination logos. You’ll be able to place your combination logo on company vehicles and other places. Customers, vendors and prospects will know you from anywhere. A combination logo makes your company easy to pick out from the crowd. Get a combination logo from your Tri-Cities logo designer.

  • Combines company text with your logo
  • Easily noticed by customers, vendors and prospects
  • Allows you to get noticed anywhere
  • Custom logo colors, designs and styles
  • Increases brand recognition
  • SEO

Tri Cities Logo Design

World Class Tri Cities logo design in WA near 99301

Logos can fade and lose their appeal. Get a long lasting logo. We offer duotone logo design. The process includes two colors used to make a black and white image.  Want more colors? We can add more colors if you’d like. We recommend two colors to avoid a muddy logo. Your logo will remain simple, but memorable. Ask us about our duotone logo designer services today.

  • Logos that appeal to customers and prospects
  • Gives you a longer lasting logo
  • Strong black and white images customers remember
  • Keeps your logo from looking muddy or brown
  • Marketable company logos
  • Web Design


Simplify your message and logo. The icon logo design puts your logo and message into one space. With icon logo design you won’t confuse or lose your customers. They’ll be able to share your company message with others they know. At iLocal, Inc. we’re your icon logo designer. We know how to take a core idea and put it into your logo.  There won’t be any confusion or negative feedback from your customers. Contact your>Tri-Cities logo designerfor a clear-cut logo and message.

  • Simplifies your message and logo
  • Your logo and message will be in one space
  • Customers won’t be confused or lost about your message
  • Allows them to share your message and logo
  • Many icon logos to choose from

Gain and keep customer attention. Contact iLocal, Inc. for Tri-Cities logo design.